Artenbestimmung in Regenwald von Gabun (2006) Foto: Max Hurdeboucq


In an ever more complex world, it is becoming a challenge for organisations and companies to cope with all projects on their own. Key tasks here include networking and disseminating expert knowledge and know-how as well as planning, supporting and communicating development processes. All too often, however, not enough human resources and expertise are available.

We have years of experience with environmental issues and with international and bilateral co-operation. Grassroots-oriented project in developing countries are just as familiar to us as the mechanisms of national and international negotiation processes. We gather and evaluate experiences from the field, so that they can be considered in the political arena. 

For our activities, we use a wide network at home and abroad consisting of local, national and international organisations, ministries, media and the private sector. We know that actors and levels of activity cannot be considered in isolation. Therefore, we aim to create synergies with a view to sustainable development.

We analyse, develop, realise, organise and evaluate:


  • at a local level and from our Bonn offices
  • supporting projects throughout the process as well as on a case-by-case basis
  • innovatively, competently and creatively
  • with highly flexible schedules
  • goal- and solution-oriented

 Communication for Development (C4D) means to us:


  • developing internal and external communication strategies and structures
  • bringing different actors and topics together
  • supporting policy dialogues
  • mainstreaming environmental issues
  • public relations, social marketing and public affairs